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April 11, 2013

How to Promote Your Business Using Infographics

By Heather Protz
You live life in three dimensions, like to wear contrasting colors to upgrade your style quotient, and enjoy fusion food as a culinary diversion – shouldn’t your marketing efforts derive similar advantages?

That’s right – “Infographics” can help realize all your marketing goals through their harmonious blend of information and graphics, the two elements shaping their portmanteau name. Their potent visual appeal makes them superlative resources for advertising your offerings, achieving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success, and attracting customers. The best part is that Infographics can be used online as well as offline.

Keep the following in mind to rapidly promote your enterprise via Infographics :

1. Focus On What People Like

Infographics must feature material that is persuasive, absorbing, and aimed directly at drawing attention. Thus you should thoroughly research your target customers to discover their core preferences and to unearth what will keep them interested. Tips in this regard:

a) Choose a theme that is contemporary, popular, and relevant – this will bring in many more readers and visitors.

b) The headline and accompanying description should especially be catchy and arresting.

c) Scour the online world for breaking news, rapidly emerging trends, and hotly debated topics and attempt to assimilate them into your Infographics.

d) Know that people are innately drawn towards content that informs and enlightens them as well as induces them to further action – incorporate these tricks subtly in your campaign.

e) Social networking portals like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest are replete with posts that are extremely popular with users and also advertised heavily on other media. You would do well to make use of them for the greatest marketing push.

2. Have a Winning Design

The design and appearance of your Infographics ought to be professional-looking, alluring, and vibrant. The right mix of colors, proper art direction, and apt choice of software are critical components in this regard. The narrative flow, text-image alignment, and overall visual panache should be monitored as well.

Due to the above, ascertain that you employ your finest wherewithal to formulate the design. You would also benefit by procuring the services of external experts for a more assured structure.

3. Check the Data

Nothing will derail your marketing efforts faster than flawed, clumsy data. Thus you should ensure that you scrupulously check every aspect of your Infographics before it is posted. Watch out particularly for grammatical mistakes, false claims, plagiarized text, and offensive content. You should also lay emphasis on Google’s PageRank relevancy metric – this will boost your SEO chances significantly.

By carefully monitoring your data, you’ll find your business – and reputation – increasing exponentially.

4. Maintain a Great Content Balance

Infographics should seamlessly merge appealing visuals with compelling text to accomplish a strong selling message. Thus you should accord equal weightage to the two elements to achieve the maximum marketing impact.

5. Adopt a Broad-Based Strategy

It is a nice idea to have as many Infographics developed as resources permit. The Infographics should encompass all aspects of your business – from your product line to your range of services and from new-age fads meant for younger readers to traditional stories geared for a more mature market. Such as broad-based scheme would surely heighten your success probabilities.

6. Keep Your Infographics Pertinent and Visible

Remember that what is popular now will not remain so for a long time. Thus it is imperative to:

a) Revamp the theme, content, and images often. Design your Infographics in such a manner that they can be amended easily to suit changing tastes and times.

b) Constantly publicize your Infographics through your website, social media accounts, newsletters, and blogs.

c) Use links and bookmarks aggressively for better reach.

7. Other Measures

Imbuing your Infographics with your venture’s distinctive code for traffic redirection purposes is also recommended as is making full use of portals that promote the exchanging of Infographics.

Heather Protz is a freelance writer for This article is first published at Blogsandyou

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