Infographics Design Tell your story visually.

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    Infographics slide 1
    Turn data
    into artwork
    Beautiful visualization
    keeps your audienc engaged
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    Design to
    make sense
    Present complex information
    with simplicity and clarity
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    Attract, inform
    and entertain
    Unleash the power of
    visual storytelling
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    Use infographics
    to enhance your brand

Toronto infographics design studio specializing in custom infographic design and data visualization. Our cutting edge and powerful infographics improve your SEO, drive web traffics, build stronger communities for your social media sites.

My name is Jun Hua. As a long time professional designer, illustrator and web developer, I believe the power of infographics as a new marketing tool. A well designed infographic is not only beautiful, but also most effective to communicate your messages. It can be re-purposed for different marketing efforts, including email campaign, social media sites, blog content and presentation. If you are planning your next project, please give Jun a call at (416) 297-7828. I am here to serve you.

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Step 1: discover

First, I work with you to find out your marketing objectives, identify your audiences and competitors, gather raw data and distill them into essential information.

Step 2: strategy

Finding an innovative concept is a key. Next, I brainstorm ideas, determine what creative solution and visual style that will meet your objectives with the most impact.

Step 3: design

This is what I love the most! I will design layout, illustrate visual elements, select beautiful typography and colour schemes. We work together to refine the the design.